Attendance Policy

  • There are to be 7-8 practices a month in season.

    • Power League Teams season: Dec. thru April, Tentative
    • Non Power League Teams season: Jan. thru April, Tentative
    • All teams will practice min. 2 times in Dec. these are not mandatory unless a PL team. Tentative
  • Players may miss 2 practices due to illness and or school activity (non-athletic) that they are involved in without losing playing time. If a player misses practice for other reasons, playing time may be lost. This does not include missing a practice because you are involved in a school-sponsored sport in season, we do however require that you come to team practices to watch, listen and learn whether you can participate or not!
  • Attendance will be taken at practice and turned in the Director of Coaches monthly.
  • Practices cover important learning opportunities and players will not have favorable experiences when practices are missed.
  • Always inform the coach NOT a teammate or parent rep. before the scheduled practice if you are going to be absent as soon as possible not 10 mins. Prior!
  • ournaments and Regional’s are very important for attendance, please if you commit at the beginning of the season follow through! The other players, coaches are counting on you.