Code of Ethics Acknowledgment

All Coaches, Players and Parents are to represent Club Bear in a first class manner
Everything we do is a reflection on our team and our program!

  • Conduct myself in a positive and professional manner. As a role model, the environment that I create will be based on courtesy and respect to all players, parents other coaches and officials.
  • Work with and develop every member of my team, regardless of position.
  • Not supply or condone the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
  • Not encourage, condone or require any behavior that threatens a player’s High School Association, USAV or NCAA eligibility.
  • Communicate openly with my players on a regular basis to avoid any unforeseen problems.

  • Display sportsmanship and courtesy toward teammates, coaches and opponents.
  • Work with my coach and teammates to become an integral member of my team.
  • Attend all practices and tournaments unless due to a sanctioned school event or illness.
  • Notify my coach as soon as possible if I cannot attend a practice or a tournament.
  • Not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

  • Display sportsmanship and courtesy toward players, coaches and opponents.
  • Encourage respect for officials and referees.
  • Be supportive of all attempts to remove any verbal and/or physical abuse from all related volleyball activities, including foul language.
  • STAY AWAY from the playing area during warm up and match.
  • Not approach any member of the Club Bear Board in an inappropriate manner.
  • Encourage my daughter to communicate any unforeseen problems to the coach immediately.
  • Applaud hard work and fair play during matches.
  • Not bring alcohol on to, or in a facility where play is being held. If this is breeched Club Bear will have the right to ban me from any activity for the year.