Jerry's Letter to the CLub

On Saturday, August 12, 2017 I had the very distinct honor of being inducted into the HOA Region of USA Volleyball Hall of Fame.  I am amazed to receive this honor and find myself incredibly humbled.  I do not know what I could of possibly done to receive this honor.  But, I do know without a doubt, that there are a great number of people I need to thank, for without them this honor would of been impossible.  I have been fortunate to be able to be a coach or serve as the Director of Coaches since the inception of our Club.  Many of us have spent countless hours investing our time in making and maintaining Club Bear Volleyball.  We have strived to make this Club an outstanding one.  It is all these fine student/athletes, coaches, board members, and executive officers that I need to thank.  
     First, I want to thank you to all the players who have been members of Club Bear Volleyball.  I have had the honor of coaching some of you and need to say thank you for all your efforts.  I have so many fond memories of all the practices and tournaments that we participated in.  Thank you for listening, for all your efforts, and the friendships that have been established.  I cherish these.  Thanks for the reception that I have received as Director of Coaches when I observe practices or supervise at tournaments.  You have all made me feel accepted.
     Secondly, to the parents of Club Bear players.  Thank you for all your efforts and support of your daughters.  I hope that you have enjoyed the practices, tournaments, and trips as much as your daughters have.  I know that these Club Bear players would like to take a moment and say "thank you."  Also, let me say thank you from Sue and I and Club Bear.  I continue to value so many friendships that I have established with parents.  I look forward to watching your daughters play in high school, this coming Club season, and into their future careers in the wonderful game of volleyball.
     Then to all the Club Bear Coaches that I have had the distinct honor of working with.  You are an incredible group of talented coaches who work countless hours in serving Club Bear Volleyball.  Thank you all so very much for all your efforts.  As I have stated a number of times, I learn more from you than I can possibly teach you.  To work side by side with so many very talented coaches is awesome.  I thank each one of you personally for all your efforts for Club Bear.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.  Thanks, again, for all you do.
     To the Club Bear executive board members that I have had the distinct pleasure to work with, I thank you.  I truly feel that your leadership has been,  is and will continue to be instrumental in making Club Bear the Gold Medal Club that it currently is.  Then there is Mrs. Sue Daugherty.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the efforts that you have made and continue to make for Club Bear Volleyball.  Your efforts have been truly outstanding throughout the years.  I am afraid that all to often we fail to say those two little words that only partially express our gratitude -- those words are simply "thank you."  Your dedication and efforts have been extraordinary.  I want to say "thank you" for all that you did to assist HOA in my ceremony.  As always, that is way to little of thanks for a great deal of effort.  Sue, to put it briefly, you are the BEST!
     In closing, thank you to all who assisted me in my career with Club Bear Volleyball.  The honor that I received would not have been possible without all of your help.  You have my very sincere "thanks."  Let us continue to make Club Bear Volleyball the best that it can possibly be.